What are sundrop miniatures: should you pay the extra?

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Sundrop-painted miniatures are a feature offered by much many board game and miniature manufacturers. These miniatures are painted in a way that provides highlights to details on the models with a black or white undercoat. This makes the figurine stand out from the standard plastic model and is an option for customers who want this unique look. Unfortunately, if you opt into your miniatures being pre-painted in this sundrop style, you will pay a premium. We will cover all your questions in this article and tell you how to do it yourself.

A sundrop miniature is a plastic figurine painted with a black or white undercoat and then highlights added to specific details on the model. This makes the replica stand out from a standard plastic model and can be an excellent option for people who want something different.

If you are interested in pre-shading your miniatures in sundrop, you should know a few things. This article will tell you what supplies you need, how to paint the model, and other tips and tricks. Keep reading to find out everything about sundrop miniatures!

What are sundrop miniatures, and why you shouldn’t pay the extra?

Sundrop miniatures are a type of miniature figure painted with a black or white undercoat, with highlights added to the figure’s details. This makes the figure stand out more than a standard plastic model, and many think it looks more attractive. However, if you want your figures to be sundrop-painted, you will likely have to pay a premium.

Why is this?

The process of painting a sun drop miniature is more time-consuming than the production and sale of an unpainted plastic figure. In addition, the materials required to do it are usually more expensive. As a result, companies who offer this service typically charge more for it.

Should you pay the extra?

Whether or not you think the premium is worth it is up to you. Some people feel that the added cost is worth it for the improved look of their figures. Others would instead save money and do the painting themselves.

If you decide that you would like to have your figures sun drop-painted, we recommend that you look for a company that specializes in this service. This way, you can be sure that your figures will be painted to the highest standard.

However, if you prefer to save money, it is possible to do the painting yourself. All you need is some patience and attention to detail. With a bit of practice, you should achieve results that are just as good as those of a professional.

How to paint your sundrop pre-shade your miniatures

We will now go over the steps you need to take to pre-shade your models with a black or white undercoat. This will ensure that the colours you use for the highlights stand out more.

What do you need to sundrop pre-shade your miniatures?

  • A white primer.
  • A model that you want to paint.
  • A paintbrush or airbrush.
  • A dark wash (nuln oil is a great option).
  • A shade of brown.

Wash Technique

  1. The first thing you need to do is prime your model with your white primer.
  2. Allow your model to dry after you have applied your primer with a brush or rattle can.
  3. Apply your dark wash all over the miniature.
  4. Continue to work the paint to ensure that the wash does not pool on your miniature, leaving an unprofessional finish.
  5. Allow the model to dry.
  6. Choose a brown wash – we love darker shades, but lighter shades will also yield excellent results.
  7. Apply the brown wash over the top of the miniature.
  8. Wait for the miniature to dry.
  9. Once dried, you will have a miniature with the sundrop effect.

Dry-Brush Technique

What do you need?

  • A black primer.
  • A model that you want to paint.
  • A bone dry brush.
  • A light shade of brown.

The dry-brush technique is a little different from the wash technique. The main difference is that this method will need to use a lighter shade of brown.

  1. As with the wash technique, you will need to start by priming your model, this time with a black primer.
  2. Allow your model to dry after you have applied your primer with a brush or rattlecan.
  3. You will need to choose a light brown shade and dry-brush it over the miniature.
  4. Ensure that your paintbrush is dry.
  5. To dry-brush, dip your brush into the paint and then wipe most of it off on a paper towel. Then, lightly run the brush over the surface of the miniature.
  6. You may need to do this several times to get the desired effect.
  7. Once you are happy with the results, allow the miniature to dry.
  8. You should now have a miniature that has a sundrop effect. The more you dry brush, the stronger the look will be. We suggest allowing your model to dry after every application and applying more till you have your desired results.

The benefits of sundrop pre-shading your miniatures

The main advantage of sundrop pre-shaded models is that they look better than the standard plastic models. The added detail and highlights make them stand out and give them a more finished look.

Another benefit is that it can save you time when painting your models. This is because the base colors are already established, so you can focus on adding your details and highlights, or you can leave them as is straight out of the box.

The downside of sundrop pre-shading your miniatures

There are a few reasons why you might not want to pay the extra money for a sundrop-painted miniature.

  • First, it is relatively easy to paint these miniatures yourself if you have some basic knowledge of painting techniques.
  • Second, the sundrop style does not always add significant value to the miniature; sometimes, it can devalue the figure.
  • The main downside of sundrop pre-shading your models is that it can be expensive. The added cost of having someone else paint your models can add up, especially when the game you are buying has a significant amount of models.
  • Another downside is that achieving the same results as a professional can be challenging. If you are not careful, you can end up with a model that looks messy or unfinished.
  • Finally, if you are someone that likes to paint their own models then why pay someone else to do it for you. Enjoy the experience of painting them yourself.

Tips for sundrop pre-shading your models

If you are going to attempt to sundrop pre-shade your models yourself, we have a few tips to help you achieve the best results.

  1. The first is to use a white primer. This will help the colors pop and make them easier to work with.
  2. The second is to use a light brown shade. This will help to create the sundrop effect without making your models look too dark.
  3. The third tip is to be careful when applying the paint. Too much or too little can ruin the look you are going for.
  4. Finally, make sure to allow your models to dry completely between each coat of paint. This will help to avoid any smudging or streaking.

With these tips, you should be able to achieve the sundrop effect on your models without having to pay the premium. Give it a try and see how it turns out. You may be surprised at the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sundrop ISS Vanguard?

ISS Vanguard is an upcoming major board game from Awaken Realms. This board game is a cooperative effort where 1 to 4 players engage with one another as they journey across the stars. You are the first humans to venture into the unknown for a galactic exploration effort by humans. The sundrop version of this game is the purchase of the board game with the sundrop effect applied to the models.

Final Thoughts

Sundrop pre-shading your models is a great way to make them stand out. The added highlights and details can really make a difference in the overall look of your army or game collection. However, it is important to keep in mind that this method can be expensive and challenging to do yourself. If you are not careful, you can end up with a model that looks messy or unfinished. We recommend only sundrop pre-shading your models if you are willing to pay the extra cost, or if you are confident in your ability to achieve the same results as a professional.

We hope this article has helped you understand sundrop miniatures and why you shouldn’t pay the extra. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, please comment below.

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