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Airfix is a British manufacturer of plastic scale model kits for both hobbyists and collectors. It was founded in 1939 by Nicholas Kove, and the company has the title of the oldest UK manufacturer of scale plastic models producing kits for the mass market since 1952. Hornby Hobbies now own the company.

This article will explore how Airfix became a leading producer of plastic model kits. We will look at the company’s history, from its humble beginnings to its present-day status as an iconic British brand. We will also provide everything you need to get started in the hobby and answer all your frequently asked questions.

What is Airfix, and what does it do?

Airfix is a British manufacturer of plastic scale model kits. The company was founded in 1939 by Nicholas Kove and produced many model kits, including aircraft, cars, ships, and military vehicles. The company has also made board games, jigsaw puzzles, and other toys. Airfix’s model kits are popular among hobbyists and collectors due to their high quality and attention to detail.

Airfix has expanded its product range to include die-cast models and mystery boxes in recent years. The company’s products are available in over 50 countries worldwide.

How did Airfix become a leading plastic model kit producer?

Airfix’s early years focused on producing plastic model kits for aircraft. The company’s first-ever model was the Golden Hind in 1952. The company’s first aircraft kit was the British Supermarine Spitfire Mk I, which was released in 1955.

Airfix quickly became known for its high-quality products and attention to detail. The company expanded its product range to include car, ship, and military vehicle models in the 1960s.

Airfix has expanded its product range to include die-cast models and radio-controlled vehicles in recent years. The company’s products are available in over 50 countries worldwide. Airfix is headquartered in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.

How did Airfix become a leading plastic model kit producer?

Airfix was founded in 1939 by Nicholas Kove and was bought by Hornby Hobbies in 2006. Airfix has been producing high-quality plastic model kits for both hobbyists and collectors for over 75 years.

In the 1950s, Airfix began making plastic model kits of historical figures and scenes from the Napoleonic Wars. The company’s first space-themed kit was released in 1962, and by the 1970s, Airfix was producing a wide variety of plastic model kits, including ships, cars, and trains.

Today, Airfix is best known for its plastic model kits, but the company also manufactures a range of die-cast metal models, jigsaw puzzles, and other hobby products. Airfix now holds a global presence within the small figurine space that provides quality products for customers of all ages.

What is an Airfix model?

An Airfix model is a plastic scale model kit produced by the British company Airfix. Airfix models are popular among hobbyists and collectors due to their high quality and attention to detail.

What age is Airfix for?

Airfix is suitable for ages five and up. However, many adult collectors also enjoy building Airfix models. Airfix collectors and builders are widespread, and groups of all ages love spending time working on these projects.

What is Airfix used for?

Airfix models can be used for display, toys, or teaching aids. Many people use Airfix models to learn about history, engineering, or other topics. Airfix models have also been used in films and television shows.

How long does it take to build an Airfix model?

The time it takes to build an Airfix model depends on the size and complexity of the kit. Some smaller, simpler kits can be made in just a few hours, while larger, more detailed kits can take several days or weeks to complete.

If you are looking for a quick and more straightforward version of Airfix, you can always try out the Airfix Quickbuild collection, a simple brick building-based construction project. This is different from the traditional Airfix models, but if you are interested, head on to our article about getting started with Airfix Quickbuild.

Many people enjoy taking their time building Airfix models and adding extra details to make them unique. Others prefer to build their models quickly to move on to the next one!

What scale is Airfix?

Most Airfix models are 1:72 scale, but the company also produces models in other scales, such as 1:48 and 1:24. Airfix models range from 1:600 to 1:12 in scale and are categorized into different scales on the Airfix website.

We have listed the scales below:

  • 1:12
  • 1:24
  • 1:35
  • 1:43
  • 1:48
  • 1:72
  • 1:76
  • 1:130
  • 1:144
  • 1:180
  • 1:350
  • 1:600

Airfix’s most popular products include the 1:72 Scale spitfire Mk XVI, the 1:48 scale Hurricane Mk I, and the 1:24 Scale Supermarine Seafire Mk 47.

Where can you buy Airfix products?

You can find Airfix products at many hobby shops and online retailers. You can also purchase them directly from the Airfix website. If you are looking to grab a bargain, you can find newer and older models on eBay. If you are willing to try your luck in the eBay auction, you can pick up some great deals that are often far below the retail price. This is an excellent way of getting started in the world of Airfix without spending too much money.

What is the difference between a kit and a model?

A kit is what you need to build a model. It contains all the parts, instructions, and paint required to complete the project. A model is a finished product that you display. It is important to note that not all models are kits. Some people prefer to buy a completed model, while others build their own from a kit.

How to get started with Airfix models?

If you are new to Airfix, we recommend starting with one of the smaller, simpler kits. These will give you a feel for how the models go together without being too overwhelming. Once you have built a few models and become more confident, you can move on to larger and more complex kits.

Building Airfix models is an enjoyable hobby for people of all ages. It is a great way to relax and take your mind off everyday life. The finished product can be a beautiful display piece you can be proud of. Whether you are looking for a quick build or something more challenging, Airfix has a model kit for everyone. If you want to get involved in the community, you could always consider joining the Airfix Club.

What is the Airfix Club?

The Airfix Club is a community of Airfix enthusiasts from around the world. Members of the club receive exclusive offers, news, and competitions. They also have access to the Airfix forum, where they can chat with other members and share tips and advice.

If you are interested in joining the club, you can sign up on the Airfix website. There is an annual membership fee, and you must provide your name, address, and contact details.

What are the benefits of joining the Airfix Club?

Some of the benefits of joining the Airfix Club include:

– Discounts on Airfix products

– Exclusive offers and competitions

– Access to the Airfix forum

– News and information about upcoming products

Do I need to be a member of the Airfix Club to buy Airfix products?

No, you do not need to be a member of the Airfix Club to purchase Airfix products. However, members do receive exclusive discounts and offers that are not available to non-members.

How to choose the best Airfix model kit for you?

When choosing an Airfix model kit, you must consider your skill level and the amount of time you have available. If you are a beginner, starting with a simple kit that does not require a lot of time or special skills to complete is advisable. As you become more experienced, you can move on to more complex kits. It is also essential to ensure you have all the tools and materials required before starting a project.

Airfix model kit assembly tips

  • Read the instructions carefully before starting to ensure you understand what is required.
  • Take your time when assembling the kit. Rushing will likely result in mistakes.
  • Use good quality glue, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to avoid any parts coming loose.
  • If painting, first prime the model with an undercoat paint to help the topcoat paint adhere better and give a more even finish.
  • Be patient when waiting for glue and paint to dry completely before moving on to the next stage.

With careful assembly and painting, you can create a wonderful model that will be a source of pride and enjoyment for many years to come.

How to paint your Airfix model kit

Airfix models can be painted with either acrylic or enamel paints. Modelers have used enamel paints for many years and give a high-quality finish. However, they can be smelly and require special thinners for cleaning up. Acrylic paints are newer to the market but are rapidly gaining popularity due to their low odor and ease of cleanup with water.

Once you have decided on the type of paint to use, it is time to gather the rest of the supplies you will need:

  • Paintbrushes
  • A clean work area
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Old toothbrush (optional)
  • Container for water (optional)

Now you are ready to start painting!

  1. Prime the model with an undercoat paint to help the topcoat paint adhere better and give a more even finish. You can learn more about priming your miniatures with our primer guide.
  2. Test the paint on a piece of scrap paper or cardstock first to get a feel for how it will go on the model.
  3. Begin by painting the more significant areas first and then move on to the smaller details.
  4. Use thin layers of paint to avoid runs and sagging.
  5. Allow each layer of paint to dry completely before moving on to the next.
  6. When painting camouflage or other multi-colored schemes, paint the different colors in sections and blend them together as you go.
  7. To create a weathered look, drybrush lighter colors over darker ones after they have dried.
  8. To clean your brushes, rinse them in water (for acrylics) or solvent (for enamels).
  9. Once you are finished painting, seal the model with a clear coat to protect your work.

With a little patience and practice, you will be able to paint your models like a pro!

Airfix model kit display and storage ideas

Once you have completed your model, you must decide how to display or store it. Here are a few ideas:

  • Display cases
  • Shadow boxes
  • Floating shelves
  • Bookcases
  • CURIO cabinets

Ten fun facts about Airfix.

  1. Airfix models are typically 1:72 or 1:24 scale, although some larger aircraft and Military vehicles are 1:32 or 1:48 scale.
  2. The company was founded in 1939 by Hungarian entrepreneur Nicholas Kove.
  3. Airfix’s first kit was the Golden Hind, released in 1952.
  4. Airfix kits are currently produced in the UK, China, and India.
  5. The company has released over 500 different model kits since its inception.
  6. In 2006, Airfix was purchased by Hornby Hobbies.
  7. Airfix has an extensive range of Military vehicles, aircraft, ships, and figure kits.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect Airfix model kit is easy once you know what you are looking for and your skill level. With a wide range of kits available, Airfix has something for everyone. If you are new to model building, make sure to start with an easier kit to build and paint. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more challenging projects. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

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